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In this clip, some images of films that will be screened at the next edition of terre di confine filmfestival: short Lux Aeterna and feature film El Silencio del Río, both by Carlos Tribiño Mamby, Colombian director and screenwriter who won numerous awards in international festivals, like the FEBIOFEST in Prague and the Colombian Film Festival in New York.


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A 48-hour Finnish, classic-to-contemporary film marathon kicked off on November 24 at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia. In the framework of celebrations for the centennial of Finnish independence, Tallinn is now the stage of the special tour dedicated to cinema, “Finland 100 Years – Through the Eyes of Cinema”, a selection of Finnish cult films curated by the Midnight Sun Film Festival. Thanks to the collaboration with the Tallinn Film Festival director, Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, the staff of the Midnight Sun Film Festival was also able to organize a full immersion into Finnish atmospheres with a mobile sauna, a Finnish Underground Bar, live music with Poutahaukat (the band playing in Aki Kaurismäki's The other side of hope), karaoke and dance sessions with old Finnish hits, such as Sixties tangos.



The XI edition of terre di confine filmfestival will be dedicated to, or rather inspired by, the river. A concept of liquid and branched boundary, and as such not only a boundary, rather a means of communication, a meeting point of cultures, traditions, species, ideas, knowledge, goods and peoples. The river as a basic geographic feature involving experiences of different and distant places. The river as a border, limit, separation and at the same time, paradoxically, an absence of borders, for good or bad. The river made of water, and therefore of life and magic.


Photo: Sardinian director Marco Antonio Pani (reproduced courtesy of SardiniaPost 2017)

The XI edition (2017-2018) of terre di confine filmfestival has been awarded a grant by the Sardinia Region under the "Contributions to the Promotion of Film Culture - Festival" (see the recently published list of funded projects).

The festival program will be online soon, complete with dates, locations, films, guests and collateral events. As already announced, the guest country this year is Colombia, and the artistic director is Marco Antonio Pani.

Born in Sassari and currently living in Cagliari, active since 1992, Marco Antonio Pani is a director, screenwriter, editor and film-making professor. His poetry combines an historical and ethnographic interest in Sardinian culture with contemporary languages and themes. In 2016 his "ethno-geo-surreal" short Maialetto della Nurra (Nurra's Pig) won the technical jury award and the FICC audience award at the Sardinia Film Festival. 

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