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Marco Antonio Pani artistic director of terre di confine filmfestival, XI edition


Photo: Sardinian director Marco Antonio Pani (reproduced courtesy of SardiniaPost 2017)

The XI edition (2017-2018) of terre di confine filmfestival has been awarded a grant by the Sardinia Region under the "Contributions to the Promotion of Film Culture - Festival" (see the recently published list of funded projects).

The festival program will be online soon, complete with dates, locations, films, guests and collateral events. As already announced, the guest country this year is Colombia, and the artistic director is Marco Antonio Pani.

Born in Sassari and currently living in Cagliari, active since 1992, Marco Antonio Pani is a director, screenwriter, editor and film-making professor. His poetry combines an historical and ethnographic interest in Sardinian culture with contemporary languages and themes. In 2016 his "ethno-geo-surreal" short Maialetto della Nurra (Nurra's Pig) won the technical jury award and the FICC audience award at the Sardinia Film Festival. 

He co-authored with Paolo Carboni Capo e Croce, le ragioni dei pastori (Heads or Tails, the shepherds' arguments), a documentary which was judged the 'Best Italian Film' at Cinemambiente 2014. His short Panas (2006) is inspired by Sardinian legends about women died in childbirth. Among his works, Chinotto and Las Puertas del mundo niño (Gates of the Children's World) (part one - part two) and dozens of documentaries (including the docufiction Els pintors Catalans a Sardenya (The Catalan painters in Sardinia) and the biopic Arturo torna dal Brasile (Arturo back from Brazil). He has lived for ten years in Barcelona, ​​where he graduated as a film director and taught direction and actors direction in university courses and masters. He supervises documentary and audio-video literacy laboratories at the University of Cagliari and other Sardinian institutes. He is among the founding members of Moviementu Rete Cinema Sardegna, an association bringing together most of Sardinian filmmakers and audiovisual industry operators. Here's an interview and other details of his activities.

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