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Despite its small size, terre di confine filmfestival has become an important Italian event dedicated to the comparison / encounter between (apparently) distant cinematic realities.

The festival is aimed at promoting the enjoyment and study of an art that produces works of great depth, influences our imagination, guides the way we analyze and understand reality.
The concept of border - be it physical, political or conceptual - is a recurring basic theme, a trigger allowing us to explore the latest films from another place or country, and put them in free comparison with Sardinian film production.
After Lapland & Finland, Cuba, Kurdistan, the Balkans, Africa, Argentina, Romania, the Spanish language minorities, Greece, Ireland and Colombia, the last edition of terre di confine filmfestival (2018-2019) was dedicated to Chile.

terre di confine filmfestival is managed by a non-profit organization, Su Disterru - the association of "Sardinians outside Sardinia", those who live away from the island, and "Sardinians within Sardinia". Active since 1980, Su Disterru aims at re-establishing the links between these two components, stimulating initiatives in both communities and creating networks and virtuous circles. In recent years, Su Disterru launched a series of events and meetings that in April 2016 led to the inauguration of the MEA, the Museum of Emigration in Asuni. The MEA is not only intended as a storage container, but as a new creativity space for Sardinians living in the island, for 'Sardinians outside' and all immigrant and migrant communities. Thanks to the substantial renovation carried out by a consortium of architects which also includes two members of Su Disterru, in 2017 the MEA became one of the main festival venues in the village of Asuni.

terre di confine filmfestival
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In the photo by Gianfranco Mura, our public at the MEA, Museum of Emigration in Asuni

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