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‘CINEMA’ - Photo exhibition by Gianfranco Mura

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The photo exhibition by Gianfranco Mura opens on March 9th 2017 in Oristano at the Museo Diocesano Arborense, Piazza Duomo 1, and will be open until April 2nd, 2017.
This collateral event associated to the X edition of terre di confine film festival is organised with the support of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and Regione Autonoma della Sardegna.

Download a postcard of the exhibition (pdf - 3,1 MB) 

"These images are my interpretation of cinema.
Of what I've seen, loved and lived in cinema.
Most of these photos have never been published and this is the reason why they are so precious for me.
They were taken during 15 years.
Photography for cinema is not my main activity, but I'm very passionate about it.

Running across cables in a set, watching actors, working with directors and directors of photography and sharing lunches with the crews, I approached my old passion.
I lived from within, portraying and ‘freezing’ it in pictures.

These are images of the circus that always "goes on stage" when a film is run and lived as quite another life, parallel to the real one.
Having worked so many years in this magic setting, I wanted to portray and immortalize special moments that couldn’t be repeated.
This exhibition is a small part of those magic moments: my passion for cinema. "

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